Tropical Storm Beta Update

Posted: September 19, 2020  |  2 min read

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Tropical Storm Beta is continuing its slow westward move. Forecasters currently predict the storm will make landfall tomorrow night along the middle Texas coast, then slowly move slightly inland through our region toward Louisiana. Their confidence in the storm’s track is moderate. Tropical storm force winds in our area are possible. Five to ten inches of rain are forecast over the next three days and higher totals are possible in some locations.

LID 7 operators and engineers continue to monitor this event for impacts to our residents and LID7 facilities. Our facilities are in good condition to deal with this event.

  • All pumps have been tested recently and are operational
  • Supplemental gator pumps are available if they should be needed.
  • The emergency generator is operational
  • The diesel fuel storage is full.
  • Portable pumps are on site ready to be placed in areas that have had historical local flooding.
  • Our storage and drainage channels are empty and clear and will store significant additional rain.

The Brazos river is well below our floodgates. Stormwater will flow by gravity through the channels to the river and we do not anticipate the need to use pumps. There is always the possibility of water ponding in the streets if the rain falls faster than the street drains and local sewers can handle. We advise residents to keep cars and trash cans off the streets.

We encourage all residents to follow the City of Sugar Land, Fort Bend County Emergency Management and the National Weather Service websites for updated information and recommended or mandated actions.

City of Sugar Land

Fort Bend County Emergency Management

National Weather Service

Please monitor their websites and follow instructions carefully.

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