Phase I Complete - Brazos River Erosion Control Project January 5, 2023

Posted: January 14, 2023All Posts

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 7 (FBCLID 7) completed engineering and design for the Brazos River Erosion Control Project in February 2022.

This milestone ended Phase I of the District’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and the final design and other engineering documents were submitted to FEMA for review. FEMA must complete a successful review of all design documents before Phase II grant funding is awarded for construction. To be eligible for FEMA reimbursement, FBCLID 7 cannot start the construction bidding process until the Phase II grant is approved. The original project schedule assumed three months for FEMA Phase II approval, but the review has now taken more than 10 months.

The FBCLID 7 construction bidding process will begin as soon as Phase II grant approval is received from FEMA. The project schedule estimates at least 3 months between the start of bidding and a contractor mobilizing on the project. When the contractor mobilizes, it will take approximately one year to complete construction, depending on weather and Brazos River conditions. If the Phase II grant was awarded in January 2023, construction could begin as soon as April 2023 and be complete by May 2024.

Description Estimated Time (months) Completion Date
Submit Phase 1 deliverables 12 months February 2022
FEMA Phase II Grant Award 10 months January 2023
Construction Bidding Begins 1 month February 2023
Award Construction Contract 1 month March 2023
Begin Construction 1 month April 2023
Construction Complete 13 months May 2024
Project/Grant Closeout 1 month June 2024

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