Stormwater Pump Station Project Construction Update

Posted: March 29, 2024All Posts

Stormwater Pump Station Project
Construction Update – CenterPoint Delay

March 2024

Unforeseen delays from CenterPoint in transformer delivery and installation have affected the Pump Station Project completion schedule, which. It is currently reset for April of 2024. Pump Station structure and control building are already completed, and the new pumps and generators have been installed.

Once the transformers are delivered and installed, electricity will be supplied to the site, enabling the installation of the pump motors. This process is expected to take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

The FBCLID 7 Board of Directors expresses their gratitude to all the residents of New Territory for their ongoing support and patience during this important flood mitigation project. For any inquiries or concerns regarding the project, residents are encouraged to reach out to the District via the "Contact Us" page on the FBCLID 7 website.

New Pump Station Building and pump installation

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