Community Survey Results

Posted: April 19, 2018  |  2 min read

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Community Survey Results

Resident Feedback on the Impact of Hurricane Harvey

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 7 (LID 7) represents over 4600 connected properties in the New Territory area of Fort Bend County. As a result of Hurricane Harvey, the infrastructure of LID 7 was put to the test and a number of homes felt the pressure of rising water levels.

As part of a Resident Awareness campaign to educate homeowners as to what LIDs do and why they exist, a survey was offered to residents of New Territory during March 2018, along with an informational handout.


Three questions were asked as part of the survey, and the responses were very positive.

  1. Were you impacted by the events during or after Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25th?”

    91% of residents surveyed advised they were impacted during Hurricane Harvey. Many residents described the evacuation as the primary impact.
    380 responses


  1. “Would you be willing to support initiatives to improve local infrastructure to prevent a future repeat of that impact?”

    92% of residents surveyed
    advised they would be supportive of initiatives to improve infrastructure within FBCLID 7.
    304 responses


  1. “Would you prefer the river bank along the Brazos River near New Territory be restored?”

    98.5% of residents surveyed
    advised they would like the bank to be restored.
    265 responses

Interested in attending the FBCLID 7 Community Open House Meeting on April 24th?

Come to the Club at New Territory between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm to view proposed project exhibits and speak with the engineers and the Board regarding the Bond Election.

Additional inquiries prior to the open house event can be submitted via the 
District website, or via email to