FBCLID 7 Stormwater Detention Project

Construction Updates

March 2024

The Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 7 (FBCLID 7) Stormwater Detention Project began construction at the start of the year, with site clearing as the initial step to prepare for excavation. As part of the clearing process, the contractor addressed abandoned water wells found within the new detention pond area by capping them. The construction of the pond will necessitate significant excavation of thousands of truckloads of material. Currently, the contractor has removed 90,000 cubic yards of material, or approximately 40% of the 230,000 cubic yards of total required excavation.

Construction is set to begin on a new segment of Sartartia Road, situated on the western side of the new pond. Following the construction of this new road segment the segment of Sartartia Road on the south side of the new pond will be removed so the Stormwater Detention Project can connect to Ellis Creek. It is advised for residents to stay vigilant regarding construction traffic when travelling near Williams Landing Dr., Sandhill Dr., and Sartartia Rd.

The Stormwater Detention Project remains on schedule and is expected to be complete before Summer 2024.

2024 04 01 00001

2024 04 01 00002

2024 04 01 00003

Excavation of Stormwater Detention Project

December 2023

In October, the FBCLID 7 Board of Directors awarded a $5,301,472.00 construction contract for the Stormwater Detention Project to Harris Construction Company. Several bids were received for the project, and all bids came in well under budget. This will directly reduce the total amount that LID 7 must pay back to the Texas Water Development Board for the 0% construction loan noted below.

More than 200,000 cubic yards of material must be excavated to construct the new pond, and thousands of truckloads are needed to haul it all away. Residents traveling near Williams Landing Dr., Sandhill Dr., and Saratria Rd. should remain aware of construction traffic during the project. Construction will begin soon, and the preliminary schedule estimates that the project will be complete before Summer 2024.

September 2023

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) recently approved the plans for the FBCLID 7 Stormwater Detention Project. When complete the project will add 115 acre-feet, or 37 million gallons, of additional storage to the FBCLID 7 drainage system. In August 2022, TWDB awarded FBCLID 7 a $324,000 grant and a 0% loan of $10,486,000 to pay for construction of the Stormwater Detention Project. Now that the plans are approved, the public bidding process has started. FBCLID 7 has acquired all property needed to construct the detention pond, and utilities are currently being relocated. Construction is scheduled to start in Fall 2023 and be complete before Summer 2024.

March 2023

In August 2022, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) awarded FBCLID 7 a $324,000 grant and a 0% loan of $10,486,000 to pay for construction of the Stormwater Detention Project. Engineers have completed the design and environmental assessment needed to create 115 acre-feet of additional storage. These engineering and design documents are currently being reviewed by TWDB and require their approval before the public bidding process can being.

Public utilities like electrical lines will also need to be relocated before construction can commence. The District Engineer is actively working on utility relocation agreements while TWDB finishes their review process. FBCLID 7 has also completed all property acquisition required to construct the detention pond as shown below. The current project schedule estimates that the bidding process will begin during the summer of 2023 and the Stormwater Detention Project will be complete by summer 2024.

February 10, 2021

In response to flooding in the New Territory Community during Hurricane Harvey and increased flood protection requirements, the Board of Directors of Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 7 (FBCLID7) has determined that the District needs to provide for additional stormwater pumpage, detention and drainage capacity to protect the community from future flood events.

The District’s engineer completed a master drainage study which concluded that the following improvements were required to adequately protect the community to recently enacted Atlas 14 flood protection standards:

  • Construction of an additional 115 acre-feet of storage within the District; and
  • Construction of an additional 280,000 gallon-per-minute (GPM) pump station.

This study, titled “Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 7 Master Drainage Plan Update” dated August 17, 2020, was reviewed and approved by the Fort Bend County Drainage District and the City of Sugar Land. This Master Drainage Plan (MDP) can be found on the FBCLID7 website “Documents” page.

To meet the updated flood protection requirements, the FBCLID7 Board approved the construction of a new 280,000 GPM pump station to be constructed adjacent to the existing outfall gates within New Territory; this required the acquisition of three residential homes for the pump station site.

Additionally, the Board approved the construction of a new 115 acre-feet stormwater detention facility. The boundaries of the new detention facility are shown in the drawing below.

detention options

This project requires the acquisition of tracts identified as 14, 21, 22, 23, 24, and the “back” portion of tract 15 as shown on the following map. Acquisition by FBCLID7 of tract 14 was completed in December 2020.

tract 14

These decisions represent what the Board believes to be the most cost-efficient and fiscally responsible projects available to comply with the new drainage criteria and protect the residents and businesses within the District from future flood events.

For more information regarding this or other FBCLID7 related engineering initiatives, please feel free to contact the District via the “Contact Us” page on the FBCLID7 website.